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April 24-26, 2023

Extreme Ownership

The speed and pace of the global operating environment is only getting faster. Leaders and teams that win on any challenge, take “Extreme Ownership” of their continuous improvement while being agile. The effects of making faster decisions, based on just made learnings through customer collaborations, are both aligned to where the future unfolds and are cumulative.

Today’s fastest developing companies have taken the Lean Agile principle of “Test First” to a much higher-level, using machine learning, artificial intelligence and automated testing. Teams improving, extending or disrupting products and services don’t need to understand in advance, when they have the ability to instantly learn through many small, cheap and fast experiments. Teams are trusted, so based on their just made learnings they can make fast decisions. This embodies; looks at the future, small known errors and large positive gains (opportunities), little understanding is necessary, just rationalizing in comparing two outcomes, exercising and deploying the better option at once.

Join some of the leading practitioners in Lean Agile Digitalization and Leadership who will share, how digitization combined with servant leaders and trusted teams taking "Extreme Ownership", plays out to support teams to learn and decide quickly, and win on any challenge to satisfy their customers.

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Christer Lundh

Christer Lundh


Conference Chair

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Monday, April 24, 2023   Pre-Conference Workshops


08:30 - 12:30

Hybrid Agile & The Missing Link

Henrik Sonnenberg

Implement consulting

Agile has created great impact and engagement across many product development teams.
But Agile is introduced in many different ways, and done the wrong way, it can become overly focused on execution efficiency, roles, cadence and team events.

“Efficient development of products that customers don’t care about” - is not what we are looking for. Henrik has a long experience of the “Half Double Methodology” developed together with industry and academia, which focuses on three core elements: Impact, Flow & Leadership with much experience of what worked and what did not.

Join this workshop to explore the science of business validation & how it can be integrated into daily Agile practice.

Henrik Sonnenberg is trained as machinist, mechanical design engineer & partner at Implement Consulting Group. He has 20+ years experience creating new business across product / service & physical / digital. Impact focus towards builder team, investor team & enabling assets.

Assisting great teams to go even further. Identifying opportunity - customer problems - generating business solutions and validating Commercial/ Technical assumptions fast.





13:30 - 17:00

What is Agile and Why it Matters

Miho Itakura

Agile Business Institute Inc

What is agile and why it matters? A case study of Toyota and other key Japanese players and their attempts to switch to agile.

This workshop introduces participants to agile thinking through case studies of Toyota and other key Japanese players and their attempts to switch to agile to gain speed and efficiency.

Miho Itakura is a clear thinking, results oriented business leader who takes action decisively as soon as the opportunity is open. She mainly works with executive led agile and digitalization transformations.

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