LPPDE Webinar 2023

Retaining Women in Engineering

2023 June 22, 1:00pm-2:00 EST

Bob Stavig

Retired HP


Robert N. Stavig

Alissa R. Stavig, MD

Bob has 15 years of manufacturing and 20 years of product development experience. This includes 16 years of experience utilizing the principles of Lean Product and Process Development.

Join Bob Stavig, co author of:

Retaining Women in Engineering: The Empowerment of Lean Development to look at the challenge of retaining women in engineering.

At the current rate, it will take 350 years to achieve gender parity.

During this session, we will focus on 3 aspects of this challenge:

1) The Gender Schema (broader than stereotypes)  that begin to form as early as 2 years old which shape our expectations and believes of girls and boys which eventually drive career and life choices.

2) The current methods of traditional product development, how they create an unlevel playing field for women, and the learnings from medicine. (Women now make up 50% of Med Students.)

3) How to apply the six Principles of Lean Development to:

a) Significantly improve your organizations business performance.

b) Drive innovation, and

c) Level the playing field for women.

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Disclaimer: Bob is not a consultant or a coach, he’s just a guy who wrote a book...

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Creating a Culture of Innovation

The ability for companies to innovate has become the defining factor for a firm’s competitiveness and directly determines their prosperity. Innovation is the life-blood of an organization.

The methods embodied in Lean Product and Process Development practices consistently enable organizations to deliver more product in less time with greater market impact. For those companies wanting to control their own destiny, excelling at innovation is a crucial factor and Lean Development is seen as an enabler.

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