Our website tells us that The Lean Product and Process Development Exchange, Inc. (LPPDE) is a nonprofit organization created to foster opportunities to grow and share the knowledge, expertise and experiences that help organizations use lean product development to dramatically improve product development performance.


It also states that:

LPPDE promotes effective conceptualization, development and delivery of products and services to the marketplace. We are primarily a knowledge-driven enterprise, focused on:

  1. Creating a deeper understanding of tools and concepts associated with lean product and process development, including issues of implementation
    2. Disseminating this knowledge into the marketplace of ideas; and
    3. Supporting early adopters.

We accomplish this through knowledge dissemination and exchange events such as annual conferences in Europe and North America, webinars, workshops and publications directed at leaders in small, medium and large organizations where product/process and service development are strategically important to the sustainability of the organization.

Our second target group is front-line practitioners who need tools and practical guidance in order to apply the concepts in their daily work, and influence their leadership in the right directions; and the academic institutions who develop these front-line practitioners.

Please read more on https://lppde.org/About-LPPDE


Our upcoming conference LPPDE North America 2017 in San Jose, California with the theme Accelerating Innovation provides an opportunity for you to exchange knowledge with lean product development leaders and learn from product developers at all stages of their lean journeys at the same time as you contribute your own experiences. We explicitly call our conferences "Exchange" - because that is what we think is the best moderator for learning: listen to experts, see peers, discuss, learn from best practices from others and participate in workshops, that are offered at introductory as well as advanced level.


But much of LPPDE consist of our Board Members. The LPPDE Board Members are selected among corporate, academic and consultancy experts on Lean in Product Development and Innovation. They all had a proven track record in the area of Lean Product Development and had made significant contributions to the LPPDE already when they joined the Board.


The Board Members do not receive any payment for their work with LPPDE except for the pure joy and growth through the knowledge sharing that each and every LPPDE conference brings. You will often see Board Members presenting, but even more exchanging knowledge in the many breaks that we have for knowledge sharing. You can always come to any of us if you have an idea or proposal for future activities, but you can also approach us with a problem that we will gladly help you with.