Gwendolyn Galsworth

Visual Thinking Inc. & Visual Thinking Europe

Visuality & The Transformational Leader

Friday August 25, 16:00-17:00 / 4-5pm (UTC+3)‎‎

9:00-10:00AM EDT

Webinar using ZOOM

Peter Palmér, LPPDE and Juha Tammi, Lean Association of Finland will moderate the Webinar.

Gwendolyn Galsworth, Visual Thinking Inc. & Visual Thinking Europe – Visuality & The Transformational Leader

What is the role of the executive in a visual transformation? Join Gwendolyn Galsworth, expert practitioner, as she previews some of the perspectives she will share on visual leadership on October 4 as part of her full-day workshop in Helsinki: Visual Workplace/Visual Management. Hear the telling difference between leading and managing and how visual principles and practices connect and align organizational functions and cultivate vision and transparency on the executive level. Let the workplace speak. More info: Visuality in the Workplace - Visual Workplace

This is the first of three LPPDE overview webinars in advance of Dr. Galsworth’s workshop.

Gwendolyn D. Galsworth PhD is president / founder of Visual Thinking Inc., a consulting, training, and research firm specializing in the technologies of the visual workplace. A leading visual expert and hands-on practitioner, Dr. Galsworth has codified the field of visuality into a single coherent framework of thinking and deployment. She is one of eight Shingo Institute Faculty Fellows and author of seven books on workplace visuality and strategic improvement, including Visual Workplace-Visual Thinking and Work That Makes Sense, both winners of the prestigious Shingo Prize.

Dr. Galsworth’s main focus is in ensuring that her clients, large and small, accelerate their rate of visual transformation, strengthen cultural alignment, and achieve long-term, sustainable bottom-line results.Gwendolyn recently moved to Europe to establish Visual Thinking Europe partnering with a growing number of training/consulting firms who want to learn to deliver her visual methods to their own clients.

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September 22nd: Gwendolyn Galsworth – Webinar: It’s the Start That Stops Us: Your Improvement Infrastructure

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Meet Dr Galsworth in Helsinki: Workshop October 4th:

Visual Workplace/Visual Management: You Can’t Get to Excellence Without It

What would it be like if the answers to all your operational questions were
visually embedded into the living landscape of work?
What would you do with all that liberated time? What would your company do?
What would you become? What would your company become?


Join us on October 4 as Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, visual expert and award-winning author, shares the core visual workplace definitions, concepts, principles, and frameworks she developed across more than 30 years of hands-on client deployments. Discover what a visual workplace is, how it works, and why it is so important. Learn the visual keys to bottom line, sustainable results that increase productivity by 15% to 30% and build a highly-inventive, culturally-aligned workforce of visual thinkers—from operators to supervisors, engineers, managers, and CEOs. 

 See over 200 visual devices from companies around the world that have learned and applied Galsworth’s methods in their war on information deficits. See how and why her 10-Doorway Model helps all organizational functions embed a visual language into the living landscape of their work that lets the workplace speak. Understand for yourself what thought leaders and management gurus mean when they say: “Workplace visuality doesn’t just strengthen your company’s work culture. Workplace visuality creates it.”

 Walk away with a fresh understanding of the power of visuality as a language as natural as speaking—yet as precise, lasting, and sustaining as brick and mortar. Whether yours is a factory, military depot, utility, hospital, bank, or engineering office, Gwendolyn will show you why visuality is indispensable to your company’s excellence journey and a spirited, engaged and inventive workforce.

  • Understand the role of the individual when your company converts to i-driven visuality
  • Appreciate visuality as a natural extension of human brain function
  • Learn vital difference between the visual workplace and visual management
  • Compare and contrast measures that monitor and measures that drive.
  • Learn how visuality can energize and unite your workforce—even in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-shift enterprise.

Two more workshops are being planned with the working titles: Visual Displays and Visual Machine

Afterwards the webinar we hope the Exchange of knowledge will continue our LinkedIn site The Science of Improving Innovation – LPPDE and our LinkedIn group LPPDE - The Science of Improving Innovation

Upcoming Event: LPPDE North America 2023 In-Person Conference

October 2-5, 2023 in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Creating a Culture of Innovation

The ability for companies to innovate has become the defining factor for a firm’s competitiveness and directly determines their prosperity. Innovation is the life-blood of an organization.

The methods embodied in Lean Product and Process Development practices consistently enable organizations to deliver more product in less time with greater market impact. For those companies wanting to control their own destiny, excelling at innovation is a crucial factor and Lean Development is seen as an enabler.

See updates to the program at LPPDE NA 2023.

The Lean Product and Process Development Exchange, Inc. is a nonprofit organization created to foster opportunities to grow and share the knowledge, expertise and experiences that help organizations use lean product development to dramatically improve product development performance.

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