LPPDE, 2021 - November 18

Lean Project Management Workshop


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Lean Project Management Workshop

Lean thinking can increase delivery, speed, and agility of all kinds of projects, and it helps motivate and engage people.

November 18, 2021

Friday - Virtual Workshop


Although the chief engineer (or project manager) and matrix organizations are staples of a lean organization, few companies have taken advantage of other lean principles and tools when managing their projects. At Goodyear and as described in the book Lean-Driven Innovation, lean thinking combined with a solid project management organization has led to large increases in on-time delivery, speed, and agility. Projects meet their business case (profitable products) and resource utilization has been tripled despite a flat budget.

This workshop teaches how lean principles can help project execution, and it describes lean startup principles that help organizations transition new ideas into successful products. In addition to the process, the workshop also covers the appropriate way to manage people and lead project teams.

Norbert Majerus

Norbert Majerus

norbert majerus consulting

The workshop focuses on the follwing topics:

  • The prerequisites for successful lean project management.
  • The lean principles to improve delivery, speed, and agility.
  • Visual management and visible resource allocation.
  • Managing people and leading a project team in a lean environment.
  • Lean project management subjects, including managing projects in small increments, project management flow, resource allocation, late start, respect for people, agile management, visual project management, and daily stand-up meetings.

The fee for one workshop is 299 € + VAT 24%.

The fee for one workshop is 199 € + VAT 24% for LAF members.

Registrations through Lean Association of Finland:

The workshop focuses on the follwing topics:

In my almost 40 years in the industry, I lived through the evolution of project management from no value added to a system where every major work is managed by a project manager and where hundreds of projects are going on at the same time.

Today, project management is an institution, a function, a discipline like manufacturing, R&D, finance… and as such it requires continuous learning and improvement.

It should be no surprise that project management can benefit from the same lean and operational excellence principles than other functions have experienced. Among others, lean thinking can transform project management towards:

  • Perfect delivery (on time, on target…)
  • Better quality
  • Higher speed
  • More people engagement
  • New lean insight can also help project management to become:
  • Highly innovative
  • More agile
  • Much better at risk management

This interactive workshop not only teaches the lean principles - It also illustrates them with real examples and many stories from a long experience in the industry. Attendees should have a little experience in project management but the lean knowledge will be covered based on the needs of the participants.

By attending this workshop, what will attendees be able to do upon returning to work on Monday?

  • Integrate lean principles into current projects
  • Become a much more effective project manager
  • Engage people — up and down the organization — and become a better team leader

Who should attend this session:

  • Leaders, managers, and practitioners in R&D organizations.
  • Project managers and project team members
  • People engaged in non-manufacturing processes (construction, banks, insurances, healthcare, etc.)

Norbert Majerus is a very experienced Lean Product Development practitioner, as well as a very energetic and pedagogical teacher.

Norbert Majerus, norbert majerus consulting

Agile Thinking to Manage Innovation Risk

When I worked in innovation, I did not like the questions I was asked by the leaders in the company when I presented a new idea: Marketing wanted to know exactly when they will get it, manufacturing wanted exact investment numbers and finance wanted an accurate cost spreadsheet. I answered “I do not know” and their response was that they needed accurate information to assess the risk of my idea. My dilemma was that I needed to experiment to find out but they hesitated to commit money for my project.

Today the risk of innovation is higher than ever before but we can use agile thinking to efficiently and effectively reduce the risk. Today I can go back to the leaders and I have the information they need to sponsor my project. And I can assess a hundred ideas in the time and form the money I needed early in my career. The other good news is that there is a good process to use agile thinking to manage the risk and that process is easy to communicate and to learn. I will walk the participants through the process in an interactive fashion and use many examples and stories to illustrate the principles.

Beginning in 2005, Norbert implemented a principles-based lean product development process at the three global innovation centers of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. For more than a decade he was Goodyear’s lean champion in research and development. Norbert has worked most of the disciplines in the Goodyear innovation centers in Luxembourg and Akron. In 2016, his first book Lean-Driven Innovation was published. Also in 2016 the Goodyear R&D organization applied for and received the AME Excellence Award. Norbert has spoken at many conferences in the United States and other countries. Since retiring from Goodyear in 2017, he continues to share his extensive lean expertise.



Following the spirit of Lean Product & Process Development EXCHANGE, there will be good possibilities to Exchange knowledge with other attendees as well as with the speakers.

After each presentation, we have a session +Reflections and interaction where you will reflect and interact on the learnings from the presenter.

We end the virtual LPPDE with some final reflections and remarks and hope the Exchange will continue on our LinkedIn site.



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