2024 May 8 - 5:00PM CET

LPPDE Webinar

Harry Koehnemann

Methodologist and SAFe Fellow at Scaled Agile, Inc.

How to Handle Large Cyber-Physical Systems

Webinar using ZOOM

Peter Palmér, LPPDE, will moderate the Webinar.

The theme for the 2024 European conference is “Increasing the speed of innovation”.

Our focus is to create a learning environment where speakers and participants are inspired & get new ideas on how to develop their business. What is the best from Lean Product Development, Agile and devops – And how to apply this to your own way of working.

The ‘E’ in LPPDE is for exchange. Please join us in learning from thought leaders and practitioners alike. Come network with people who are in your shoes, join one of the workshops to learn and improve your skills, listen to success stories to motivate you on your journey. Come, be a part of the ‘exchange’.

We hope you’ll join us in Stockholm May 14! With interesting workshops before and after.

Meet Harry Koehnemann in Stockholm at LPPDE EU 2024 Workshops and Conference!

Afterwards the webinar we hope the Exchange of knowledge will continue our LinkedIn site The Science of Improving Innovation – LPPDE and our LinkedIn group LPPDE - The Science of Improving Innovation

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