LPPDE, 2024

Virtual Workshops & Conferences

Workshop & Conferences

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Time Zone:  Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 


Conference 4 hours

Breakout sessions and exchange of ideas






REGISTRATION FEE for one Virtual Summit WS + Conference: 99 € + VAT

Registrations through Lean Association of Finland:

We are bringing our 2022 speakers to you!

Peter Palmér, LPPDE and Juha Tammi, Lean Association of Finland

Peter and Juha represent the two organization who organize these virtual online events and will moderate the Virtual Summit.


Following the spirit of Lean Product & Process Development EXCHANGE, there will be good possibilities to Exchange knowledge with other attendees as well as with the speakers.

After each presentation, we have a session +Reflections and interaction where you will reflect and interact on the learnings from the presenter.

We end the virtual LPPDE with some final reflections and remarks and hope the Exchange will continue on our LinkedIn site.


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LPPDE events have an impressive gathering of lean product and process development practitioners. We’ve assembled an impressive lineup of keynote speakers.

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