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Knowledge Exchange with Norbert Majerus

2022 September 27 at 3:00 pm GMT

Norbert Majerus, norbert majerus consulting



Peter Palmér, LPPDE and Scania


Join us in this interactive Knowledge Exchange between Norbert Majerus, norbert majerus consulting and our Peter Palmér focusing on Building a Lean Culture of Innovation Excellence.

At a recent lean conference, most keynotes were about creating a lean culture (as opposed to implementing lean processes), underscoring the importance that the culture has in a lean transformation. Most keynoters also talked about their need to be more innovative.

Could a lean culture with its emphasis on standard work and efficiency hurt a company’s ability to innovate? Can there be synergy between an innovation culture and a lean culture? Does it take two cultures, or can a good change management program accomplish all objectives for lean and innovation?

Innovation excellence is the implementation of a superior innovation system and the simultaneous creation of a sustainable innovation culture.

Norbert Majerus spent his 40-year career in innovation, and he implemented lean innovation systems supported by a culture of innovation. Norbert included most of his learnings in his two books, Lean-Driven Innovation and Winning Innovation. In his keynote he will share personal experiences and stories to illustrate what a lean culture of innovation looks like and how companies can create it. The innovation culture overlaps with a lean culture, bringing in key factors specific to innovation and creativity. Norbert is convinced that behaviors and cultural drivers are best conveyed by stories and examples. People have to “see” behaviors to learn, and stories also convey emotions and feelings that resonate with audiences in ways that data and diagrams do not.

In 2005, Goodyear’s research and development (R&D) engine was not performing up to its full potential. The R&D organization developed high-quality tires, but the projects were not always successful. Goodyear embarked on a major initiative to transform its innovation creation processes by learning, understanding, and applying lean product development principles. Within five years, Goodyear saw its product development cycle times slashed by 70 percent, on-time delivery performance rise close to 100 percent, and throughput improve three-fold – all achieved with no increase in the R&D budget.

A story of transformation, Winning Innovation illustrates a company-wide transformation of a magnitude that only superior R&D can make possible. It introduces principles for an innovation excellence transformation along with the parallel people transformation that is necessary for real change to occur. The result is a new culture based on respect and humility; highly efficient processes that deliver a wealth of innovations, sales, and profits for many years to come; and an owner who leaves a bright future for the people and company he’s known and loved his entire life.

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