LPPDE In-Person Conference

North America 2024
Transforming Innovation for Enterprise Excellence

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

September 30 - October 3, 2024

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North America

September 30 - October 3, 2024

Join leading thinkers pioneering lean product and process development!

Transforming Innovation for Enterprise Excellence

History would suggest Lean Product and Process Development, an incredibly thoughtful and proven approach, would drive a healthy future for an innovating business. However, as many of us know - it’s not easy. It requires a connection to the organizational vision, executive and leadership commitment, effective change management, cultural change and a strong focus on process to truly enable it, let alone sustain it.

The reality is, most of us implementing LPPD, are either trying to drive transformation from the middle, or ruminating on decline. Organizational transformation is a fragile, vulnerable effort, which can be wiped it out in a minute. We see it over and over, again and again, everywhere!

What can we do? We persevere – we reflect, we learn, and we go at it again. We find others who have experienced the same thing and start sharing and learning. The LPPD Exchange can provide that experienced community. This year we bring together a multi-industry group from executives to individual contributors. We are also working on including a manufacturing perspective to help us understand the voice of the customer. There will be new and unique workshops and presentations – and ultimately something for everyone!

Whether you’re fired up or feeling at a loss, please come join us in October in Milwaukee, WI, as we persevere toward an effective Innovation Transformation. Our objective is to make sure you walk away inspired; with a supportive network and some new ideas you can implement right away!

I hope you’ll join me in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 30 - October 3, 2024!

Carolyn Carter

2024 North America Conference Chair

Carolyn Carter

Carolyn Carter

Chair of Conference

Geoff Neiley

Geoff Neiley

Co-Chair of Conference

Studies show that as manufacturing capacity has become globally available at low cost, its competitive value has declined and competitiveness has shifted to innovation.

Competitiveness Index: Where America Stands Council on Competitiveness

There is a strong association between R&D intensity (R&D expenditure per dollar of sales) and subsequent growth in sales. Industries which have greater intensity grow at a faster rate over a sustained period of time. Companies which invest a larger percentage of sales in R&D benefited with a greater growth rate in sales than their competitors, irrespective of industry.

Morbey & Reithner

A study published in the Journal of Financial Economics concludes  “… firms that are more efficient in innovation on average have higher contemporaneous market valuations and superior future operating performance, market valuation, and stock returns”.

Hirshleifer, Hsu, & Li

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Learn how to

Create an environment where people are inspired & thrive

Introduce a continuous flow of new innovative products

Develop products & services that customers love

Drive business growth and prosperity

Learn from Practitioners and Thought leaders alike

Develop new connections & Network with others in your shoes

Share your experiences with others to gain new insights

Learning Workshops

Lean Product Development Basics

Innovation Flow

Creating Visible Knowledge

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