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LPPDE conference calls & webinars bring together experts from lean practitioner and partner with organizations to discuss lean process and product development topics.

What is innovation 

  • Sustaining innovation
  • To find success with innovation
  • How does lean product development fit into the model
  • Defining customer interest
  • Customer interest metrics
  • Engineering knowledge

More Creative, more Fast. Bringing structure to product development

  • Why product development teams need structure.
  • Customer needs provide direction
  • Create a team focus
  • Make it time-bound
  • Appreciation creates even more results
  • Methods to provide structure to product development

Lean Frontiers and LPPDE has worked closely together over the last couple of years.

Lean Frontiers host leading-edge, intensely-focused learning events for the lean community. These events take the form of Large Summits, hands-on workshops, and online learning opportunities. Everything we do is focused on involving EVERYONE in lean thinking and giving them the SKILLS to sustain it.

Featured Talks & Speakers

Looking for expertise and information to tackle your project challenges?

Access a library of webinars addressing lean product development trends, best practices, how-to guidance and much more — all available to help you make meaningful contributions to the projects you lead or work on.

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Suzanne van Egmond

strategic Project Manager I&D

coming soon

Norbert Majerus 

Business Owner at norbert majerus consulting llc

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Matt Albin 

Chief Change Agent, Solutions Coach

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LPPDE events have an impressive gathering of lean product and process development practitioners. We’ve assembled an impressive lineup of keynote speakers.

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