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April 16, 2021

June 11, 2021

July 2, 2021

LPPDE Europe 2021

LEAN Innovation

Virtual Conference

May 19-21, 2021


Injecting Knowledge into Innovation

In-person Conference

October 11-14, 2021

LPPDE Virtual Event Europe 2021 & Speakers

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Are you ready to connect with the thinkers at the leading edge of lean improvement journeys?

A unique conference format and experience – inspiring, interactive, and collaborative. This is not just a single conference, it is a global community, drawing from vast experience in the lean product development field.

Dantar Oosterwal

Vice President Engineering, Argo, Inc

carolyn carter LPPDE

Bengt Johansson


Sannah Vinding

Johanna Lentonen

Director, Weather Instruments Vaisala

Sannah Vinding

Martti Hetemäki

Professor of Practice / Chairman Helsinki Graduate School

carolyn carter LPPDE

Norbert Majerus

Majerus Consulting, Inc

Anders Hugnell

Partner, Implement Consulting Group

carolyn carter LPPDE

Vesa Koskela

Project Manager, Murata Electronics Oy

Sannah Vinding

Matti Kauhanen

VP, Technology Manager at ABB Oy

Janne Lundberg

Tuukka Kulha


Sannah Vinding

Christer Lundh


Sannah Vinding

Andreas Doerken

Partner & SVP at Argo, Inc.

Sannah Vinding

Elli Kalliokoski

Solution management at KONE

Janne Lundberg

Jukka Borgman

Director, Technology Development at Neles

Janne Lundberg

Miia Humalajoki

Portfolio Manager at KONE

Learning First, Knowledge Based Development


Are you ready to connect with the thinkers at the leading edge of lean improvement journeys?

Innovation Excellence

Our mission is to bring the insights on lean process and product development together for you to learn and exchange


What is Lean PD

Lean PD and Lean Thinking is more of a cultural aspect than a set of methods and tools


Learn best practices from others and participate in workshops


LPPDE is a non-profit organization created to foster opportunities to grow and share Lean PD knowledge

It was great to learn so much and connect with so many people in a close & personal environment!


Laura Silvoy

Healthcare Systems Engineer, Array Advisors

Thanks to you and the rest of the board on delivering a successful event! I attended a couple of great sessions and learned new info to put to use in our product development system.

Matt Albin

Amway Corporation

The LPPDE conference has provided me with fantastic learning and networking opportunities, and has taught time more about LEAN PD than any training I have ever attended. Thank you for this excellent experience!

Faith Burndred

Lean Champion, Nestle

Excellent event. Very good speakers, time for exchange, and networking is really worthwhile.



Frank Vilgilant

Senior Manager, Mews Partners

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