Knowing Your Gaps

LPPDE North America 2021 

Conference – Injecting Knowledge into Innovation 

Geoff Neiley, AS&E

Geoff Neiley – Knowing Your Gaps

Geoff will explore how he identifies and approaches knowledge gaps during the engineering process.  At AS&E the design process starts with the Chief Engineer who understands both the customer interest and the engineering principles.  Along the journey gaps are identified and knowledge is gained in an iterative process.  Join Geoff as he shares real experiences.

Bio: Geoff Neiley

Geoff has been in the mechanical engineering field for 25 years. After graduating from the University of Maine, Orono, he learned much about the custom equipment business at NESLAB Instruments designing water chilling systems. Following this he spent 15 years working for BTU International where he designed and lead projects for conveyorized furnaces using in the electronics and solar industry. During this time, he earned his Master in Mechanical Engineering at University of Massachusetts, Lowell. It was at BTU where Geoff began to see the reap the values of concurrent engineering. 3 years after joining AS&E in 2011, the leadership team introduced the concept of Lean Product Development. Geoff joined the leadership team reading many Lean PD books, inviting Lead PD practitioners to AS&E and attending LPPDE for several consecutive years. AS&E has roundly embraced the concurrent engineering aspects of Lean PD focusing greatly of Set-Base Innovation and cross-functional collaboration with our supply chain and manufacturing team. Today he is still learning and experimenting with lean processes and enjoys the pride felt in team by enabling cross-functional to achieve challenging, rewarding goals.