I have been fortunate to attend Lean Product and Process Development Exchange Conferences in various locations in Europe and in North America over the last couple of years. I’m looking forward to attend again and meet other experts and influencers face-to-face, and learn best practices within the lean product development community. Here are some reasons for why you should attend the LPPDE North America 2019 at Jekyll Island, GA in October.

Professional Learning Conference
LPPDE makes professional learning engaging with a new theme at each conference along with keynotes and workshops. No matter what industry you’re in the speed of development is the key to success and this years theme is: Increasing the Speed of Product Development - a critical topic in today’s fierce competitive environment.

To stay competitive in today’s world you need to stay on top of the latest methodology, trends, tools and learn how to implement lean product development or change management within your organization. At the LPPDE North America 2019 we have several sessions focused on the “E’ [exchange] and through the exchange it will teach you how to be successful with continuous improvement leadership through keynotes, workshops and an amazing network opportunity across a variety of different industries.

All types of businesses, small to large can benefit from the LPPDE North America 2019 and the speakers are innovators from across the lean product development community that are all on the leading edge of lean transformation.

Meet like-minded peers
There is no better place to meet like-minded peers who are also passionate about lean product development and eager to learn something new than to attend the LPPDE North America 2019 Conference.

The speakers and the attendees are from all over the globe and from different industries which makes this conference stand out even more because you get the advantages of seeing and understanding how the same challenge is solved with different tools and maybe with a different approach. You will gain new perspectives, which will lead you to discover new solutions for the challenges you are facing as an R&D professional.

I have expanded my network and made friends from all over the world and learned much more about lean product development, knowledge sharing and processes because I attended these conferences. Within my network I now have several ‘call a friend’ to get a professional advise when I’m facing a change management challenge, this has allowed me to continue to grow my skill set.

Gain new perspectives
Attending the LPPDE North America 2019 will give you the insight to look at situations from a fresh perspective and then find new innovative solutions. It will also increase your motivation and give you a new outlook on your challenge or your business.

It’s good to get out of the office and get inspired and motivated, look at it as vitamin for you to absorb new ideas of like-minded individuals. See it as an investment for you and for you company - new knowledge will facilitate new innovative solutions.

Attend Workshops
Workshops have numerous benefits and will teach you exclusive content that isn’t provided during the main conference. You will also be able to network and connect with other individuals that have similar interests as yourself in a much smaller scale.

LPPDE North America 2019 offers a variety of pre-workshops each conference and they deliver best practices from industrial lean innovators. They are a deep dive into the lean product development journey and it will give you a jump start into new skills or a new way to explore subjects you are passionate about.

Workshops are also a fast and effective way to accomplish new learning and gaining more knowledge on a specific topic. You will keep yourself educated, engaged, and effective help yourself to advance within lean product development no matter what level you are entering

Break out of your comfort zone and register for a pre-workshop learn new ways of lean thinking.

Topics for the upcoming conference are:

  • LPPD 101: An introduction to lean product and process development
  • Success is assured
  • 1500 new products every year on time and on target
  • How do you use agile methods to increase speed
  • Lean project management

Get to know the presenters
You will meet experts and influencers face-to-face at the LPPDE North America 2019 - the presenters will be sitting next to you, attending sessions, having lunch with you- this is your opportunity to connect, learn and ask questions to the presenters also when they are not presenting.

Again this conference is one of a kind because you can network face-to-face with the presenters and ‘feel’ their enthusiasm about the sharing and learning right there and then.

See you there!
If you have an interest in learning this will be the best place to meet like-minded lean product development enthusiast! Get started or continue your lean journey!

Want to see even more?
Here are a number of videos that show how our exchanges look like and how they are appreciated by our participants: