I believe that learning, especially the learning needed to change your way of thinking, needs different approaches and that it takes time.

You need to enter the learning loop well prepared, know your True North and break it down into problems to solve and small experiments to learn, preferably like rapid learning cycles.

A LPPDE conference is a possibility to

  • ·         Study
  • ·         Learn
  • ·         Learn by doing
  • ·         Learn from the mistakes made by others

I study by listening to different presenters and their approaches to a problem. I really try to understand the problems and the proposed solutions in the presenter’s environment. After that I think about my own problems, and if and how they connect, to see if I can learn from their experiences.

I go to presentations, delivered by very experienced people, to learn how to do things. As these presenters really know what they are talking about, they have prepared a training in a very clear and pedagogical way and are disposed to clear all my doubts as long as I ask the questions. What a great situation!

Some sessions are very much hands on, which means that I learn by doing. This is an example from this year´s LPPDE Europe 2017 in Paris, when my friend Norbert Majerus gave a very interesting workshop.

The most important with your learning

  • Never skip the most important point: The reflection.
  • Stop, think and reflect on what happened, why it happened and reflect on what it means to you in your own environment.
  • And last but not least: decide your own next step to make it happen!